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Meet the Leaders: Part 2

Letter to the Editor

Several advocates have come forward and have taken leadership in raising awareness about the bill (names withheld to protect those looking for employment):

  • One advocate in western Massachusetts frequently flyers at local events and is instrumental in spreading the word at Massachusetts Teachers Association meetings.
  • Another advocate writes letters to the editor of his local papers about the bill.
  • One advocate invited nearly fifty of her friends to join the Facebook group.
  • Another advocate manages mailing flyers to other advocates who then hand out flyers to their friends.
  • Seven advocates spoke on video about their experiences with workplace bullying so that we can spread the word about the bill online.
  • One advocate put together a mailing to potential partners about the bill.
  • One advocate hosted a public access show about the bill and wrote a letter to the editor of her local paper about the bill.
  • Another advocate hosted a public access show about the bill.
  • One advocate runs his own blog about workplace abuse to build awareness of his story.

Spreading the word about the bill allows us to collect email addresses of bill supporters. When we need a push at the State House, we have a list (now more than 2,000 supporters strong) of people we can contact to then contact their legislators. The more supporters who contact their legislators to support this bill, the more likely we will make the bill into law.

If we’ve left you off this list, let us know how you’ve spread the word by leaving a comment.