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Advocates take workplace bullying to the small screen

We’re spreading the word about what workplace bullying is one step at a time. Advocate Robbin Miller hosted advocates Torii Bottomley and me, Deb Falzoi, on her “Miller Chat” show to educate people about what workplace bullying is and how advocates aim to create healthy workplaces through the anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill.

Deb described workplace bullying and the legislation, and Torii talked about her advocacy work with New York City educators and her “Face Workplace Bullying” art display.

A workplace bullying gift that keeps on giving

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.19.00 PM.png

With a pen, a stack of post-its, a location (and permission), a prompting question, and a few beginning messages – less than $5 worth of supplies – you can create an impactful workplace bullying display that will educate passers-by on what workplace bullying is and how it affects targets.

Whether you live in a major city – Boston, Worcester, or Springfield – or a town, find an organization (preferably not a business) in a high-traffic area and ask the head of the organization if you can start this display. Post your display photos on our Facebook page to show how you’re spreading the word in your area.

Two new ways to spread the word about workplace bullying

Advocates have been working hard to spread the word about workplace bullying. Take part in these two new ways:

Face Workplace Bullying Art Display
To commemorate International Workers’ Day on Friday, May 1, we will unveil a public art display in Boston (likeĀ http://www.insideoutproject.net/en). Submit a photo of your face and your story:
– Look straight into the camera, with a plain background, and take a picture of your face only (serious expression).
– Save your photo as: Boston_US_Torii_(your name).jpg Example: Boston_US_Torii_JaneMiller.jpg
– Submit a BRIEF summary of your story (250 words or less). We reserve the right to edit.
– Send your photo (hi-res only) and story to toriiannbottomley@gmail.com no later than MARCH 15. We want to submit a minimum of 20 portraits.

Financial Impact Survey
Take this new survey so that we can let legislators understand the financial impact to businesses at the State House hearing (date to be announced):
Take the Financial Impact Survey.

There are other ideas in the works, from flyering at events across Massachusetts to a “What is workplace bullying?” forum.

Got an idea to spread the word about workplace bullying?