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Urgent Action: to make workplace bullying illegal in Massachusetts, ask your State Senator to sign onto this Budget Amendment


With three months left in the legislative session, our new lead sponsor Senator Paul Feeney has added the workplace anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill as an amendment to the budget. In the next two weeks, we’re looking to flood our State Senators with phone calls and emails asking them to sign onto this amendment, Budget Amendment #23.

Here’s how you can help:

It’s up to each of us to ensure protections for employees who will go through the torment at work we went through. We need your help to create a groundswell throughout every part of the Commonwealth to say STOP to bullying at work.

For those who’ve contacted your legislators about this bill, we thank you and ask you to take action again by making this specific request.

Want to spread the word? Forward this email or download the flyer.

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PS – Did you see the bill in the news recently? It made:
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