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There’s a growing interest in anti-workplace bullying legislation among Massachusetts Democratic Town Committees

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We educated the Boston Ward 8 Democratic Committee tonight about the anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill and asked for their official endorsement. Committee members asked for information to spread the word to other committee members.

This visit was the second in a series of visits to Democratic and Republican Town Committees across the Commonwealth to spread the word about the bill to politically active people. Ask your Democratic and Republican Town Committees if we can present about the Healthy Workplace Bill at their next meetings.

Next up: the Ipswich Democratic Town Committee

Why organization endorsement helps us grow — and what we can do to get more

7K0A0523Official endorsement from organizations helps us in two major ways:

  • Endorsement gives us validity. If someone sees backing by a powerful group or a group they respect, they’re more likely to see the bill as acceptable and worthy and jump on board.
  • Endorsement means access to many more supporters. When a group endorses the bill, we keep correspondence with our contacts, and they communicate with their members the need to push the bill at key times in the legislative process. Their members also join our contact lists directly, and we can communicate with them directly at the same times.

What we’ve already done
We’ve obtained official endorsement from 16 organizations — including the Massachusetts Teachers Association and Massachusetts Jobs with Justice. While we’re at such a key point in the legislative process of going up for a floor vote in the House, it’s prime time to reach out to more organizations to ask for their official endorsement.

We’ve tried a huge mailing to unions and other organizations whose members would be most likely to endorse the Healthy Workplace Bill. Now we’d like to focus on your individual contacts.

We need your help this week
Do you know someone in any of the following organizations or any similar organizations not listed? Can you contact them this week and ask for their official endorsement that they can email to info@mahealthyworkplace.com?

When you reach out to any of the following organizations, feel free to use one of these template letters and add that 1/3 of the State Legislature and 16 organizations including the Massachusetts Teachers Association have officially supported the Healthy Workplace Bill in Massachusetts. Emphasize that we’re up for a floor vote in the House any day now and that their support will give power to our cause.

The groups we need help contacting
Disability groups:
Disability Law Center of Massachusetts

Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (affiliated with UMASS Lowell)
Massachusetts Association of School Committees

Employment groups:

General civil rights groups:
City of Quincy Human Rights Commission

GLBTQ groups:
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) (Lee Swislow)
Join the Impact Massachusetts
Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition
Rainbow Law

Legal groups:
Massachusetts Employment Lawyers Association (MASSNELA)
Women’s Bar Association

Mental health groups:
Dorchester House
Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (Elizabeth K. Englander and Theresa Enos – Bridgewater State)
Massachusetts Association for Mental Health
Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention (Diana & Paul Lewis – East Longmeadow)
Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association
Massachusetts Psychological Association
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services of The Berkshires (Peggy Morse)
National Association of Social Workers
Riverside Trauma Center (Larry Berkowitz – Needham)

Nurses groups:
Massachusetts Nurses Association

Union groups:

Women’s groups:
Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (BWHBC)

Civil rights groups
Colleges and universities
Employment lawyers
GLBTQ groups
K-12 schools
Law schools
Legal groups
Mental health groups
Nurses organizations
Small business associations

Have more ideas?
Email us at info@mahealthyworkplace.com to let us know about other groups that you feel would be great to reach out to but for which you don’t have a contact.

9 brilliant ways to help pass the Healthy Workplace Bill

Make this legislative session our session. Check out these 9 ways to spread the word about the Healthy Workplace Bill:

  1. Write to your legislators. Email your state legislators about the bill using one of our templates or your own words.
  2. Share on social media. Pass it along…. Share an infographic on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.
  3. Sign up for action alerts. Then we’ll tell you when we need your help with urgent legislative action.
  4. Join an action team. Get involved in your county or in a listed event.
  5. Ask for endorsement. Ask a group for its official support.
  6. Pass out fact sheets. Flyer at commuter rail lots, T stations, supermarkets – anywhere you see fit.
  7. Write to your local paper. Write a letter to the editor about the Healthy Workplace Bill and why you support it.
  8. Sign the petition. Help us reach 2,000 signatures.
  9. Share this link to the national campaign with friends in other states. It’s not just a bill proposed in Massachusetts. It’s a national movement.