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3 signs you should join us for Flyer Day

On Wednesday, April 8, advocates across Massachusetts will download the Healthy Workplace Bill flyer, print out copies, and hit the pavement. Here are 3 signs you should join us:

You’re passionate about the bill. You want the bill to pass and will do what it takes to spread the word. You realize that we’re all volunteers, and┬áthe more we have, the more we’ll hit a tipping point with the bill.

You have a spot where you can flyer. Outside a T station, a commuter lot, a supermarket: pick a spot and either hand out flyers during rush hour or flyer cars between rush hours. If you’re not in the Boston area, flyer a supermarket or a section of the parking lot at a mall.

You have as little as 20 minutes. You don’t need to flyer all day or for even an hour, though if you have that kind of time to give, we’re appreciative. All it take is 20 minutes and a handful of flyers to get the message in the hands of even one person who will get it and spread the word to their contacts.

So join us. Let’s pass this bill.