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We have a new bill number to end workplace bullying

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We have a new bill number: Senate Bill 1013. We’ve updated all of our marketing materials, and you can now pass out flyers with the new bill number on them to spread the word about the anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill:

Download the flyer.
Continue to write your legislators about the bill, now Senate Bill 1013.

Spread the word!

Spend just 30 minutes spreading the word about urgent action for anti-workplace bullying legislation on Wednesday, February 3

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Take a half hour anytime on Wednesday, February 3 to spread the word about the Healthy Workplace Bill using this brand-new flyer. This flyer asks for urgent action in contacting Speaker DeLeo’s office and State Reps to get the Healthy Workplace Bill passed this session, which ends this summer.

1. Make copies of the flyer.
2. Flyer at an easy location:
– Leave on cars in commuter rail lots, employee lots at hospitals, supermarkets, or another location close to you.
– Hand out flyers outside a T stop at rush hour, hospital when employees get out of work, or another spot where you’ll likely reach out to employees.

Sign up on Facebook.
Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.