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How to get back a healthy workplace environment

By Donna L. Beals

Today’s society is filled with people who are unhappy with themselves. Truth is they are so miserable in their own life, they resent anyone else being happy or achieving anything. They must do everything in their power to destroy those and rob them of their happiness and everything that they worked hard to achieve with their own hard work and determination. They are so busy taking down anyone who has rightfully earned their success and place because of this inner jealousy to be that person. God forbid anyone standing up, or trying to stand up for themselves, against that person – as they get easily enraged from the inside. It is THEIR WORLD and THEY ARE IN CHARGE – or so they want to believe. They feel they run the show, and in their mind the boss just pays them. That is why you hear these people whining because they are there and then in the next breath justify their feeling by saying “they need the money.”

One thing is undeniable: they are quite good at manipulating and playing the mind games but suck at the job they were hired for – many of whom choose to step away from their job and overpower those who they think are more successful than them. They see the other people enjoying their work and getting things done – must be easier than what they were hired to do. So they begin to play mind games with their co-workers to get them on their side as they focus in on the real workers out to do what they are there for supporting the bosses and managers. They know well how to play both sides of the field to con their bosses and connive and undermine their co-workers. They are so good at intimidating and making the good worker feel lousy about their work – and their game to drive out the good workers with experience and knowledge to bring in fresh meat who they can control to do things THEIR WAY.

My friends, this is the new wave of worker – they prefer to sit around and gossip. Snub their noses and pitch digs at the worker who is ignoring all their bullshit to try to do their own work. Walking by their targets desk and mumbling “coo-coo” under their breath and sabotaging their workspace. In their opinion, the customer just lies – for they have to be right all the time. They know it all. And sadly, they are allowed to get away with it as they are good at this – and I mean it, they are topnotch – if only they put these energies to better use to support their job, they may find they didn’t need to be jealous or destroy their co-workers out to do a decent day’s pay.

This is what bullying is all about. Sadly, it hurts all the wrong people. It destroys morale. It erodes authority and overtime if let go, it destroys the credibility of an entire company. It is a form of violence that is infiltrating many a workplace. You see, bullies never grow up – they just get older and more comfortable in knowing they cannot be stopped. When they took it out at home, the domestic violence laws were passed around the late eighties, early nineties – so they had to find a new place to exercise their abuse of power. Around the mid-1990s, the bullies started infiltrating ever so slowly and cautiously into the workplace using their talent to move into supervisory or management roles so they would not be noticed. The workers began to see that this group was getting promoted through their manipulative head games and skillful ways they began to pick up after them – and today, many of the workplace problems are the result of this evolution. Management seems to have lost their control to this new hostile workplace situation as the co-workers have taken over and decided for themselves what THEY want to do, not what they were hired to do. This is the world that our children are entering into – will they be forced to turn to bullying others to be accepted or will they be part of the group trying hard to do their job despite all the childishness going on around them?

It saddens me to hear and see this going on every day in our workplaces. In fact, in a college class I took, it was my team’s project to study this very subject, and every member of that class had experience with some form of bullying in their work life from their male and female peers. It is not specific to any one gender; it is widespread and spans the whole country.

There is only one solution to ending this sickness going on and bring peace back to our workplaces. The answer is: we need to have legislators pass the Healthy Workplace Bill. Not so much for us now, but for our children who are quickly coming up behind us to take over. Then morale can be regained, individuals can be made whole once again, and our customers can once again have restored faith in their communities and companies. I would like to see our local unions, managements, businesses, and everyone fighting to support to get this bill passed so that the employees and staff can begin to feel whole again and know that that their hard work to support their companies really does matter. Get our legislators to make the right decision and get this bill passed NOW.

If you agree, and want to see a law in place, share this and let it go viral. It’s time to end all this foolishness going on and start working together again as a whole team!