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It’s crunch time for getting anti-workplace bullying legislation passed in Massachusetts, and we need your help

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We’ve recently been told that the House follows the Orders of the Day in the House Calendar in sequence but can skip over bills. Because it’s possible the anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill was skipped over because it wasn’t a priority, we need to give a big push right now to both Speaker Robert DeLeo and our State Reps to get this bill passed before this summer, when the session ends and we have to start the two-year session over again in January 2017.

What you can do
Aside from contacting Speaker Robert DeLeo and your State Rep to ask them to make the Healthy Workplace Bill, H 1771, a priority, THIS WEEK you can:

  • Flyer in commuter rail lots or anywhere in Winthrop, Speaker DeLeo’s district. Print out and make copies of this fact sheet and spread the word.
  • Share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter to get others to contact the Speaker and their State Reps.
  • Get creative. You’re not limited to these ideas. Do something that involves your skills to spread the word about the urgency and need for this bill to become law.

We thank you for your hard work in getting the Healthy Workplace Bill to this point. Let’s make sure our legislators know it’s a priority to make workplace bullying illegal this year.

It’s time to act

IMG_3315It’s time to act, and we need your help. State Representatives could discuss the Healthy Workplace Bill, H. 1771, as soon as next Wednesday, and we need to arm them with the facts before they discuss the bill.

How you can help
Follow these steps by Wednesday, October 14 to ensure your State Rep understands the bill by the time he or she votes on it:

  1. Choose a template letter to email to your rep and modify it or write your own letter asking your rep to support the Healthy Workplace Bill, H. 1771.
  2. Find your rep’s email address and email the letter along with these two attachments to your rep:
    Flyer #1 (Introduction to the bill)
    Flyer #2 (Myths about the bill)

Get as many people as you can to do the same, and keep an eye on the House Calendar to see when the Healthy Workplace Bill (at #79) reaches the top of the list.

Every letter will make a huge difference.

We’re on the House Calendar

7K0A0032We’re now on the House Calendar at #79. Week by week, we’ll inch closer to the top, when H. 1771, the Healthy Workplace Bill, will be center stage. Once H. 1771 gets closer to the top of the list, we’ll ask you to give a big push to your State Rep.

Get your letters ready to email or make an appointment with your State Rep today!

And thank you for getting the Healthy Workplace Bill to this point, the furthest along we’ve been in the history of the bill. That’s something to celebrate.

We’re in the House

7K0A0841We’re at an exciting step, the Third Reading in the House. But it could take days, weeks, or months to get to the top of the House Calendar. We’re keeping an eye on the calendar so we know when we get closer to being center stage. Once we see HB 1771 inch up the agenda and get close to that point, we’ll ask you to give a big push to your State Rep.

We hope to update you soon when we see HB 1771 on the calendar. In the meantime, get your letters ready to email or make an appointment with your State Rep.

6 steps before the Healthy Workplace Bill may become law

We have more than a year left until the legislative session ends next summer, and just 6 steps left for the bill to become law in Massachusetts:

  • The Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development holds a public hearing where it listens to testimony. The committee moves the bill to the House. Debate begins. The bill is subject to amendments.
  • If approved, the bill is then ordered to a Third Reading in the House. In this phase, the bill is examined for legality, constitutionality, and the duplication or contradiction of existing law and then heads back to the House or Senate floor for debate and amendments.
  • If approved, the bill moves onto the Engrossment Committee at the Third Reading.
  • If approved, the Senate considers the bill through three readings and engrossment. If amended, the bill returns to the House for another vote. If the bill is rejected, three members of each branch draft a compromise bill.
  • The bill gets enacted by the legislature.
  • The bill gets signed by the governor. Ninety days after the governor’s signature, the bill becomes law.

Sounds simple, right? At any step, the bill can get delayed. So it’s up to us to spread the word to get more people to ask their legislators to support the bill and make it a priority.

BREAKING NEWS: The Healthy Workplace Bill is at a Second Reading in the House

The Healthy Workplace Bill has moved onto a Second Reading in the House. Your emails, phone calls, and meetings with your reps made a huge impact in moving this bill forward.

Take Further Action

We encourage you to now call or email your State Rep AND State Senator to urge them to move the Healthy Workplace Bill, HB 1766, through the legislature. Find your State Rep and State Senator.We have opposition from the business side, who want to prevent liability for business owners. Email Letter 1 here to your legislators and add this attachment about myths to let your legislators know the facts about how much workplace bullying costs for businesses.


Thanks again for your hard work in getting this bill moved to the next step.Learn the steps we need to get the Heathy Workplace Bill passed.