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The number of legislative sponsors backing anti-workplace bullying legislation in Massachusetts so far


Your calls are continuing to work! We’re up to 19 sponsors, and we still have three full days left to gain support in the State House:

Senator Michael Brady (D-Brockton)
Senator Kenneth Donnelly (D-Woburn)
Senator Barbara L’Italien (D-Andover)
Senator Thomas McGee (D-Lynn)
Rep. Brian Ashe (D-Longmeadow)
Rep. Bruce Ayers (D-Quincy)
Rep. Diana DiZoglio (D-Methuen)
Rep. Daniel Donahue (D-Worcester)
Rep. Lori Ehrlich (D-Marblehead)
Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante (D-Gloucester)
Rep. Jonathan Hecht (D-Watertown)
Rep. Louis Kafka (D-Stoughton)
Rep. James O’Day (D-West Boylston)
Rep. Denise Provost (D-Somerville)
Rep. Angelo Puppolo, Jr. (D-Springfield)
Rep. John Scibak (D-South Hadley)
Rep. Frank Smizik (D-Brookline)
Rep. Aaron Vega (D-Holyoke)

Rep. RoseLee Vincent (D-Chelsea)

Last session, we had 58 sponsors. So keep those calls and emails coming, asking your Massachusetts state legislators to sign onto Senate Docket 768 (lead sponsor: Senator Jennifer Flanagan). We want to reach 70 co-sponsors by Friday, February 3.

Email past supporters by this Friday

Email these past sponsors to thank them for their past support and to ask them to sign onto Senate Docket 768 (lead sponsor Senator Jennifer Flanagan):
Sonia.Chang-Diaz@masenate.gov, Sal.DiDomenico@masenate.gov, James.Eldridge@masenate.gov, Jason.Lewis@masenate.gov, Ruth.Balser@mahouse.gov, Christine.Barber@mahouse.gov, Paul.Brodeur@mahouse.gov, Gailanne.Cariddi@mahouse.gov, brendan.crighton@mahouse.gov, Angelo.D’Emilia@mahouse.gov, Marjorie.Decker@mahouse.gov, Tricia.Farley-Bouvier@mahouse.gov, Sean.Garballey@mahouse.gov, Denise.Garlick@mahouse.gov, Carlos.Gonzalez@mahouse.gov, Ken.Gordon@mahouse.gov, Patricia.Haddad@mahouse.gov, Mary.Keefe@mahouse.gov, Kay.Khan@mahouse.gov, Peter.Kocot@mahouse.gov, Stephen.Kulik@mahouse.gov, Kevin.Kuros@mahouse.gov, John.Mahoney@mahouse.gov, Paul.Mark@mahouse.gov, Mathew.Muratore@mahouse.gov, Harold.Naughton@mahouse.gov, Alice.Peisch@mahouse.gov, Dave.Rogers@mahouse.gov, Byron.Rushing@mahouse.gov, Alan.Silvia@mahouse.gov, Todd.Smola@mahouse.gov, David.Vieira@mahouse.gov, Chris.Walsh@mahouse.gov, Danielle.Gregoire@mahouse.gov, Russell.Holmes@mahouse.gov, Kevin.Honan@mahouse.gov, John.Lawn@mahouse.gov, Paul.McMurtry@mahouse.gov, Theodore.Speliotis@mahouse.gov, Nick.Collins@mahouse.gov

Call your legislators by this Friday

Call. Text your zip code to (520) 200-2223. Within a few minutes, you’ll get a text back with your legislators’ phone numbers. Call the two bottom numbers and ask the person who answers to request that the Rep or Senator co-sponsor Senate Docket 768, lead sponsor Senator Jennifer Flanagan. It’s that simple!

Email. If you absolutely can’t call because you can’t get away from work during business hours or if you want to back up your phone call, email both of your legislators. We’ve made that process simple, too: Visit our easy tool to find your legislators and a form letter or write your own. The message will come from your email box.

If you don’t see both a Rep and a Senator in your text or you get a return email saying your message couldn’t go through, go to the Massachusetts Legislature website, find your State Rep’s and State Senator’s email addresses, and email them the old-fashioned way.

These state legislators haven’t co-sponsored in the past but have expressed interest in doing so. Give these legislators an extra phone call if you’re in their district:

Rep. Edward Coppinger (D-Boston), 617-722-2304
Rep. Russell Holmes (D-Boston), 617-722-2220
Rep. Daniel Hunt (D-Dorchester), 617-722-2263
Rep. Steven Ultrino (D-Malden), 617-722-2460
Rep. Linda Campbell (D-Methuen), 617-722-2430
New Bedford:
Senator Mark Montigny (D-New Bedford), 617-722-1440
Rep. Sarah Peake (D-Provincetown), 617-722-2040
Senator John Keenan (D-Quincy), 617-722-1494
West Roxbury:
Senator Michael Rush (D-West Roxbury), 617-722-1348
West Springfield:
Senator James Welch (D-West Springfield), 617-722-1660

Senator Richard Ross (R-Wrentham), 617-722-1555

We have until Friday, February 3 to make urge our legislators to end workplace bullying, but the sooner you call or email, the more legislators we can ultimately reach.