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Workplace bullying is violence


Jane Nosal of Wisconsin and Kathleen Bonczyk of the Workplace Violence Prevention Institute talk about Jane’s loss of her daughter Caroline from workplace violence.

Psychological abuse is violence. Kathleen Bonczyk, Esq. invited us to her Workplace Violence Prevention Institute’s annual Workplace Violence Conference, held yesterday in southern New Jersey, to speak about what we’re doing in Massachusetts to stop the psychological violence at work that can lead to physical violence.

We spoke with a room full of folks across disciplines interested in bringing life back to the Healthy Workplace Bill in New Jersey. Here’s what we shared:

  • How we’re spreading the word in Massachusetts and nationally about workplace bullying, including what’s worked and what hasn’t worked in our marketing strategy
  • Our targeted phonebanking campaign
  • A healthy mindset for the long haul

A forensic psychologist, lawyer, and security consultant spoke about other angles of the issue.