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The anti-workplace bullying Facebook post that has gone viral

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In just a few short days, this Facebook post has resonated with nearly 6,000 Facebook users who shared it. 238 likes. 89,138 people reached. And these numbers are still growing.

For those of us who love data, compare those numbers to our second most popular Facebook post – with 1,204 shares.

What these stats mean
Nearly 6,000 Facebook shares means that:

  • Workplace bullying is epidemic. We live in a bully culture at the expense of our best workers’ health. That’s bad for everyone, no matter how you slice it: businesses, workers, and our personal relationships.
  • We’re growing. Reaching nearly 90,000 people resulted from your commitment to spreading the word over the years. You’ve helped build a base of advocates who are creating a ripple effect and helping to make “workplace bullying” a household term – one person at a time.

Thank you for spreading the word about workplace bullying. You’re making a difference.

9 brilliant ways to help pass the Healthy Workplace Bill

Make this legislative session our session. Check out these 9 ways to spread the word about the Healthy Workplace Bill:

  1. Write to your legislators. Email your state legislators about the bill using one of our templates or your own words.
  2. Share on social media. Pass it along…. Share an infographic on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.
  3. Sign up for action alerts. Then we’ll tell you when we need your help with urgent legislative action.
  4. Join an action team. Get involved in your county or in a listed event.
  5. Ask for endorsement. Ask a group for its official support.
  6. Pass out fact sheets. Flyer at commuter rail lots, T stations, supermarkets – anywhere you see fit.
  7. Write to your local paper. Write a letter to the editor about the Healthy Workplace Bill and why you support it.
  8. Sign the petition. Help us reach 2,000 signatures.
  9. Share this link to the national campaign with friends in other states. It’s not just a bill proposed in Massachusetts. It’s a national movement.

Don’t miss these postings for social media

Advocates submit information they create or find to us, and today we present pieces worth sharing:

The first is a beautifully illustrated work an advocate told us about and helped create.

The second is a piece CareerBuilder created, showing how mainstream workplace bullying is becoming.

This third piece is an Alternet article that already received traction on social media. While workplace bullying has received attention from mainstream news sources, this piece is one of the first published by a progressive news source.

Share these posts on Facebook and Twitter to get more attention to the Healthy Workplace Bill across the nation, and as you find more information to share, send it along to info@mahealthyworkplace.com.