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Musician whose work was on VH1 produces song about workplace bullying


Her music has aired on VH1, Oxygen, and Bravo, to name a few, and now she’s helping make workplace bullying illegal in Massachusetts. Musician Cheryl “Shellee Shae” Williams produced, wrote, and performed “Standing Ovation” to speak out against workplace bullies, including those who targeted and mobbed her while working in a career within law enforcement.

“Music helps us heal,” says Williams, who lives in the Boston area and works in television, film, and radio. “I enjoy writing songs about real life issues to help people overcome obstacles.”

Williams got involved with the anti-workplace bullying movement when a Facebook post calling for action to make workplace bullying illegal led her down an inspirational path. “I clicked on Neal Dias’ story, which touched my heart, and a story about huge photos on display at the Massachusetts State House of people like me who’d been bullied at work, fighting for change. At that moment, I knew I wanted to get involved,” explains Williams.

“I hope my music brings comfort, healing, peace, joy, and love to targets,” says Williams. “I want targets to know they’re not alone.”

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