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School bullying legislation was a priority two years ago. Is workplace bullying legislation next?


Two years ago, House Speaker DeLeo led the effort to pass anti-bullying legislation in Massachusetts for schools. Back then, he said “I am proud to join my colleagues in strengthening our anti-bullying laws…. It is our duty to ensure students are safe…. I believe this legislation will allow us to better understand and prevent bullying,” according to the Winthrop Transcript.

Now we’re hoping he sees it equally important to ensure healthy workplaces. Speaker DeLeo has a chance to prevent bullying in the workplace by making the Healthy Workplace Bill, H 1771, into law.

We’re trying to move the bill forward by speaking with contacts in the State House. But we also need your help to encourage Speaker DeLeo to make workplace bullying legislation a priority:

We only have until this summer to pass this bill or we have to start over again next January. So the more people you can get to contact Speaker DeLeo and their State Reps, the sooner we can make workplace bullying illegal in Massachusetts.

Keep the pressure on our legislators


Our legislators are hearing us. Keep the pressure on to make the Healthy Workplace Bill, H 1771, a priority:

It’s crunch time for getting anti-workplace bullying legislation passed in Massachusetts, and we need your help

From MBTA.com

We’ve recently been told that the House follows the Orders of the Day in the House Calendar in sequence but can skip over bills. Because it’s possible the anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill was skipped over because it wasn’t a priority, we need to give a big push right now to both Speaker Robert DeLeo and our State Reps to get this bill passed before this summer, when the session ends and we have to start the two-year session over again in January 2017.

What you can do
Aside from contacting Speaker Robert DeLeo and your State Rep to ask them to make the Healthy Workplace Bill, H 1771, a priority, THIS WEEK you can:

  • Flyer in commuter rail lots or anywhere in Winthrop, Speaker DeLeo’s district. Print out and make copies of this fact sheet and spread the word.
  • Share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter to get others to contact the Speaker and their State Reps.
  • Get creative. You’re not limited to these ideas. Do something that involves your skills to spread the word about the urgency and need for this bill to become law.

We thank you for your hard work in getting the Healthy Workplace Bill to this point. Let’s make sure our legislators know it’s a priority to make workplace bullying illegal this year.

If you live in Winthrop

7K0A0223If you live in Winthrop, you live in Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo’s district (he also represents a portion of Revere). And Speaker DeLeo greatly influences which bills get priority in the House Chamber.

What you can do
If you live in his district, email him this week to ask him to support and make a priority the Healthy Workplace Bill, H 1771. Pass this request onto those who live in Winthrop and Revere or share this post on Facebook.