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If you live in Winthrop

7K0A0223If you live in Winthrop, you live in Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo’s district (he also represents a portion of Revere). And Speaker DeLeo greatly influences which bills get priority in the House Chamber.

What you can do
If you live in his district, email him this week to ask him to support and make a priority the Healthy Workplace Bill, H 1771. Pass this request onto those who live in Winthrop and Revere or share this post on Facebook.


Let’s Talk Strategy

Step 1: Spread the word to people you know

This fall, we need to spread the word about the bill as much as possible. That step starts with simply educating people about what workplace bullying even is. Educate people you know are going through workplace bullying or witnessing it or who would be likely to experience it or witness it — people in health care, non-profits, education, and large companies:


Step 2: Spread the word to people with Republican reps

Once you’ve done Step #1, we need everyone to help out with Step #2: spreading the word in key towns where people have Republican reps. We’re basing this move off of our key insight from the last legislative session: that Republican reps wanted more time to look at the effects of this bill at the Third Reading, where we were when the session ended. If constituents in these towns can educate their reps on what workplace bullying is and why they want a law, we can get this bill through the legislature faster.

If you know people who live in these towns with Republican reps, send them the link above. Remember 1 in 3 will experience workplace bullying in their working lives. Odds are that they can relate:

Andover, Attleboro, Auburn, Billerica, Bridgewater, East Falmouth, East Sandwich, Gardner, Grafton, Groton, Holden, Ipswich, Lakeville, Mansfield, Marlborough, Norfolk, North Attleboro, North Reading, Palmer, Pembroke, Plymouth, Saugus, Seekonk, Shrewsbury, Southwick, Spencer, Sutton, Uxbridge, Wareham, Westfield, Whitman

Step 3: Spread the word to those who live in Speaker of the House territory

These towns aren’t the only place to focus our efforts. We’d greatly benefit from support from Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo. If you know people who live in his district — Revere and Winthrop — let them know about the bill.

Step 4: Do more

If you still want to do more (and THANK YOU if you do – we need people like you to get this bill passed), find out how to do more here: http://www.mahealthyworkplace.com/support/howtosupport.html.

Then e-mail us at info@mahealthyworkplace.com to tell us how you can help. Don’t hesitate to come up with your own ideas, too.

We’re an all-volunteer organization. We’re all working to get this bill passed in our spare time. We can all do something – however big or small – to build awareness, which will in turn build support in the State House. Don’t underestimate the impact you can make by telling even one person about this bill.

What have you been doing to spread the word? What other ideas do you have to get the word out?