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The singlemost important action you can take during this crunch time to get anti-workplace bullying legislation passed in Massachusetts

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In this second year of the two-year legislative session, we have just a few more months to get the anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill (H 1771) passed before we have to start at the beginning of the process in January 2017.

We’re stuck at the Third Reading in the House. Legislators aren’t making this bill a priority. That’s where you come in.

In the next two weeks, we urgently need you to schedule a meeting with your State Rep at the State House or locally. Your State Rep holds office hours at both the State House and in your district. Rather than simply call or email, meet with him or her face-to-face and ask him or her to help make the Healthy Workplace Bill, H 1771, a priority. Ask for help with contacting Chairman of Bills & Third Reading Theodore Speliotis to ask him to release House Bill 1771 for Third Reading.

We have a great shot at getting this bill passed this session if we urge our State Reps to make this bill a priority. Share this post to help spread the word to get more Massachusetts residents to contact their State Reps about this bill.

ACTION ALERT: An easier way to email your State Rep about the Healthy Workplace Bill, H. 1771

7K0A0108If you haven’t contacted your State Rep, it’s not too late. Because State Reps could vote on the Healthy Workplace Bill, H. 1771, as soon as this Wednesday, October 14, there’s still time to give them the facts beforehand – and in an even simpler way.

The easier steps
Follow these steps by Wednesday, October 14 to ensure your State Rep understands the bill by the time he or she votes on it:

  1. Choose from one of two template letters to email to your rep and modify it or write your own letter asking your rep to support the Healthy Workplace Bill, H. 1771.
  2. Use this even easier link to find your State Rep’s email address.

No need to send attachments. Links to the fact sheets are now built right into the templates.

Get others to do the same
Sending an email to your State Rep (not State Senator) is just as important as getting others to do the same. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter or forward a link to your family, friends, former coworkers, and current colleagues if you feel comfortable doing so.

Keep an eye on the House Calendar to see when the Healthy Workplace Bill (at #79) reaches the top of the list (the number won’t change – it will simply get tot the top of the list).

Thank you again to those who’ve already sent an email to your State Rep. Even one email is considered the equivalent of the voices of as many as 15 constituents, so know that your voice counts.