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Live near a college campus? Spread the word about workplace bullying.

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Lately we’ve heard from numerous former college and university employees about the abuse they endured on the job and the fear of speaking up from the employees left behind. Higher education is a breeding ground for workplace bullying for numerous reasons including:

  • Institutions don’t have to care about good management. When tuition rolls in regardless of how ineffective management is (similar to tax dollars in government), poor leadership doesn’t affect a college or university’s bottom line like it would a for-profit business.
  • There are many do-gooders. People who love power and control — bullies — love industries full of do-gooders, people who care about the organization’s mission and do good work in a cooperative way. Bullies see an opportunity to manipulate and serve their egos. It’s no surprise then that bullying is so common in schools, hospitals, and non-profits.

While many employees in higher ed suffer in silence, they can still feel validated and help pass legislation behind the scenes.

Help get the word out about the bill. Flyer campuses throughout Massachusetts before winter hits.

Download the flyer »
(If you look for it later, you can find it on our website.)